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Off-Season Festivals in Little River

Little Shrimp and Jazz Festival in October In years past, the only festival held at the Little River waterfront was the annual Blue Crab Festival in May.

That's all changed with the addition of off-season festivals, hosted by the chamber of commerce and sponsored by local businesses and organizations, like the Little River Octoberfest, the Shrimp and Jazz Festival, and the annual Christmas Market at the waterfront.

The Blue Crab Festival is the largest of Little River's annual festivals. It is held each May, but hasn't been under the control of the Little River Chamber since 2002, and has since been operated by a private corporation.

Pictured above is the annual Shrimp and Jazz Festival, which typically has some rainy spells during its two-day run at the waterfront, yet that doesn't stop locals and visitors from enjoying the food, festivities, and musical entertainment in October each year.

Little River Incorporation

Little River Incorporation town hall meeting An ad hoc committee that's spent many months researching the feasibility of incorporating Little River held the first in a series of town hall meetings for Little River residents to talk about the pros and cons of incorporating.

The first such gathering was held at the North Myrtle Beach high school auditorium and was attended by about 400 Little River residents, most of who appeared to be opposed to incorporating.

The second town meeting was held in the high school cafeteria.

The managers of this site,, sponsored this second meeting ($384 to the janitorial staff, we were told).

This meeting was a bit more civil, and seemed to answer more questions than the first meeting.

However, locals are overwhelmingly opposed to incorporation so Little River will remain an unincorporated village.